Proper Car Care During the Summer Months

As the months grow warmer your car will need some extra special care to help it beat the heat and stay in great conditions on the road. Following are some important care tips from Used Cars Armagh that will keep you safe when driving this summer.

A Few Important Summer Car Maintenance Points to Keep in Mind

1. Coolant System

A car running in the hot summer sun will be generating much more heat than normal. Be sure to check the levels of coolant and in your car and check the conditions of the hoses as well, if they feel squishy rather than firm and show signs of damage, it may be best to swap them out.

2. Engine Belts

There is a belt that connects several of the more important components of the car together. IF this belt becomes loose or old, it will begin to make funny noises and can even snap for no reason. Check this belt every so often for signs of wear and tear. IF you see cracks and chunks missing from this belt, it will need to be replaced.

3. Other Essential Fluids

All the other liquids will need to be checked regularly as well. Liquids in the oils, power-steering and brake reservoirs never cease to be used and spent and should be checked every week at least to ensure conditions are just right.



4. Air-Conditioning System

The cars AC unit is another essential for surviving the summer heat. If this has not been working well in the past, now is a great time to have it looked over. It could be leaking Freon, it could have a compressor problem, but whatever the issue, having it addressed before the summer comes will make things comfier all around.

5. Dashboard Sunshade

A little solar protection in the cabin of your car will make the interior last longer and make the space comfier when your return. Consider shades for the rear, sides and windshield. Take time to consider the shapes and shop around the ideal shade systems in a car changes the atmosphere of the interiors completely. Check out the sun shades range at VIP Online Car Accessories UK.

7. Tires

The tires of the car need to be checked for signs of overuse and lost treads. Once the traction of the wheels has deteriorated, it is essential for your safety to have them replaced. A new set of tires makes the car more responsive and safer on slick roads after sudden summer showers.

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